At the Moreland Accord, diversity, equity, and inclusion for workplace success are at the core of who we are.


Chris Moreland

Chris is a gifted speaker, writer and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) expert. In 2020 he joined a national consortium of DEI experts, Diversity Crew,  serving as the Chief Diversity Officer and Managing Partner. Chris has held multiple senior executive roles over the past 20+ years, with reputable companies such as the General Electric Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Pepsi, Mobil, Expedia, and Microsoft. Chris received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the United States Air Force Academy, a Master’s in Business Administration from Central Michigan University, a Certificate of Inclusion and Diversity from Cornell University, and a DEI Certification from Diversity Crew Institute.

Chris is currently an active board member of CourMed Inc., a Dallas based Pharmaceutical Distribution Company. He is an Adjunct Professor of DEI at the Cox School of Business (Southern Methodist University), the President and CEO of both Moreland Accord LLC, and Just Ride It Inc.

As a DEI expert, Chris leads in-depth engagements with large, medium and small organizations, keynote speaks, trains and coaches executives and teams on the value of DEI. Chris recently launched his first book, “Blind Attraction to Certainty,” where he describes how our ‘Need to Know, Reduces Our Ability to Grow.’

Fun facts about Chris is that he is a Six Sigma Certified Master Black Belt, and a graduate of the Stagen Academy Advanced Leadership Program. Chris is married, has four kids and resides in Dallas, Texas

So why incorporate a diversity program when issues of Diversity and Inclusion don't seem to appear enough or cause any concern? Because you're setting yourself up for failure if you don't.

The Team

These are the important faces, the force of Moreland Accord –  our team. We’re all passionate about DEI, and we give it our all together. 

Chris Moreland

Ceo, Speaker

Georgiana Moreland

Chief Operating Officer

Beverly Thompson

Managing Partner

Jared Fitzpatrick


Angie Boliver


Equity. Innovation. Growth.

At Moreland Accord, we strive to empower leaders and organizations to learn to get comfortable with discomfort.  Awareness of unconscious bias is what we bring and growing companies is what we do.